Is Social Media Ruining Our Minds?

I found this intereseting infographic about effects of Social Media. I believe that there are some huge changes going on in us as a result of social media. I have noticed a change in myself. I am not sure about some of the validity of the statistics on this infographic, but it certainly raises some good discussion. What do you think?

[Source: assistedlivingtoday]

2 Responses to “Is Social Media Ruining Our Minds?”

  1. And one of the reults is tne necessity of presenting knowledge as infographics 🙂
    However it seems to be true…

  2. There are certainly significant sociological issues created by the unchecked expansion of what I call uncontextualized internet usage. We’ve created an unnecessary dichotomy between the “real world” and the “digital world.” The way or technology has developed has increased this divergence, and encouraged “users” into the “digital world.”

    I believe the great innovative challenge of the next decade will be to contextualize the internet into a healthier social context, recognizing it as a tool, rather than a world unto itself. Let’s hope we have enough imagination left to get there.

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